Your roofing system isn’t just one single structure. It is many different parts that play a role in the protection of your home from the environment. These same parts have a distinct purpose in defining the design and aesthetics of your home.

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The ridge is the peak area. The peak area defines your roofing system and stands as the defining element of your roof. The peak or ridge is the “spine” of the roofing system. Roof Pro Experts install ridge cap shingles on the peak to provide aesthetic components and extra protection on an exposed part of your roof.
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The pitch of your roof is the steepness or slope of your roof. Depending on the style of your residence determines the pitch of your roof. Most modern and contemporary homes have low-pitches or flat areas. Classic homes have steep roofs that are used to divert water away from the surface.
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The dormer is the section of the home that juts out from the roof. These are common design features in homes with design complements or attic features. The dormers may be window areas or have “fake” windows for design attributes. Dormers are miniature roofs and use the same roofing elements as the rest of the roof.
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Gables are portions of the wall between the edges of intersecting roof pitches. These are often triangular and follow the overall pitch of the roof. These are the most vulnerable parts of the roof and can have problems caused by the ridge, pitch, or alley of your roof.
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These are the part of the roof that hangs over your home.
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Flashing is the metal pieces used to divert water from areas water may collect, such as hips and valleys. Flashing can be galvanized metals, metal alloys, copper, lead-coated copper, or stainless steel.
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Shingles or Roofing Material

The shingles, tile, shakes, or other roofing materials are the outermost part of the roof. Singles sit atop the underlayment and form the major barrier against the elements.
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Underlayment is the black paper laid over the plywood sheets. It seals the roof from the environment. The use of a membrane is required, and a waterproof membrane serves a triple function.


Commercial roofing elements include

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Weatherproofing layer or layers

Weatherproofing components are very important because they keep water from entering a roof assembly.
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Reinforcement adds the strength and dimensional stability to a roof.
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The surfacing is the component that protects the weatherproof and reinforcement from the environment. Surfacings provide other benefits such as fire resistance, traffic, water, snow and hail resistance, and solar reflectivity.

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