Residential Roofing

Roof Inspections

Most people don’t pay attention to their roofs until there is a problem. Protect your largest investment by keeping the things you most treasure from outside elements. Call for an inspection. A residential roofing professional at Eagle Mountain Utah, from Pro Roofing Experts, will look for roofing problems before they become big losses.
Residential Roofing

Roof Repair

If you are only missing a few shingles, sometimes a residential roofing repair is more cost-effective than replacing a highly entire roof. If you see a small leak in one spot of your home or few shingles are missing after a storm, you may only need to have your roof repaired. Contact Roof Pros Experts to make sure you only need repairs.
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Roof Replacement

When environmental issues cause damage to your roof, you may require more than a roof repair. You may realize that the life of your roof is over, and you need a new roof. If you notice any of the following problems, call Pro Roofing Experts for a roof replacement.

  • Excessive wind damage
  • Water damage to the interior ceiling.
  • Large areas of missing shingles.
  • Fiberglass strands showing in singles
  • Curled or rotted shingles, loose or popped nails.
  • Call Roof Pros Experts for an estimate on a new roof. Please don’t wait until it is too late.

Types of Roofs

Residential Roofing

Asphalt Roofing Shingles

The majority of homes use asphalt shingles because of how cost-effective they can be. Asphalt shingles are used on a roof with a pitch so water can drain off.
Asphalt shingles are weather-resistant and cost-effective, plus they are easy to install, maintain, and repair. You have a great variety of colors, shapes, and textures.
Residential Roofing

Metal Roofs

Roof Pro Experts provide metal roofing systems for waterproof design with longevity. Metal roofing gives you years of weather protection and is an ideal choice for many homes. Metal roofing is resistant to fire, moisture, wind, and snow. You might find your summer utility bills are lowered by your roof, reflecting the heat from the summer sun.

Roof Pro Experts can offer you a wide range of colors so you can match your roof to your exterior siding and paint for residential roofing. A matching roof will add curb appeal to your home and bring it a high-end appearance. We will assist you in selecting and installing your metal roof. Call us for an estimate.

Residential Roofing

Flat Roofs

Some homes have a flat roof and need replacement or repair over time. You need someone who knows how to work with flat roofs. Roof Pro Experts can help you with rubber for a flat roof or roofing with a TPO membrane. We will give you a free roof repair and replacement estimate.

Leaks in your home roof mean that water is puddling on the roof. Puddling leads to damage and causes leaks into the interior of your hone. You may also have a leaking flat roof due to improper drainage o slopes. When water isn’t channeled properly, it leads to water entering corners and flashing. Roof Pro Experts will find the leaks in your flat roof and repair them.

Residential Roofing

Slating & Tiling

Slate or tile roofs are generally known as the highest quality, longest-lasting roofing materials used. However, these types of roofs are high cost and take experts to install. Consider a slate roof for the beauty of the materials, the longevity of slate and tile roofs (can last a century), and the fire resistance of slate and tile roofing is phenomenal. Slate and tile roofs are environmentally friendly. A long-lasting slate or tile roof keeps excess waste out of landfills.
Residential Roofing


Leadwork installed by the experts at Roof pro Experts is used to stop rainwater from entering the junctions between roofing elements. It also helps to channel water off a roof. Leadwork can also be decorative.
Residential Roofing

Soffits & Guttering

Soffits are the underside bridging gaps between your home and the bottom of your gutters or the span beneath the rafter tails. Soffits give a finished look to your home. They also protect the exterior of your house by keeping out water, pests, and allowing you to disguise ventilation outlets.

Guttering is the trough along the eaves to catch rainwater and carry it to the ground.

Residential Roofing

Roof Coating and Installation

Roof coatings are usually fluid-applied roofing membranes. Most are elastomeric or have elastic properties allowing them to stretch and return to their original shape without damage. Roof coatings are often the top layers of a composite roof. They are the topmost layers of protection for the roofing materials membrane. It helps with the impact of sunlight, rain, hair, and physical damage.

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